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Sweden forms Scandinavia together with Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland. Sweden is the largest of these five countries. The neighbouring countries are Norway to the west and north and Finland to the north and east.

The country is surrounded by water, with the Kattegat in the southwest, in the southeast the Baltic Sea and in the east the Gulf of Bothnia. Sweden is known for the Northern Lights, the midsummer festival and vast landscapes.

By renting one of the self-catering holiday homes in Sweden, you can enjoy the beautiful cities and countryside this country has to offer.

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To the north lies the Abisko National Park which was founded at the beginning of the twentieth century. This park contains part of the famous walking route 'Kungsleden' and there is also a scientific research centre.

In terms of nature there are spectacular gorges in this park such as the Abisko gorge. There are also mountains, large lakes and rock formations such as the 'Lapporten'. You can also find many bird species.

A little further south lies the Padjelanta National Park. In this park there are many lakes, glaciers, a mountain plateau and birch forests to admire.

The traditional Sami people still live in this beautiful area. In the area of fauna, in the summer months you can spot the reindeer of the Sami people in the countryside.

There are many cycling and hiking trails in Sweden. The most beautiful hiking trails are the Kungsleden, Sörmlandsleden, Skàneleden, Emigratenpad, and the pilgrim path of St. Olavsleden.

Sweden also has many well-marked cycling routes. You can also cycle in the big Swedish cities, because they are equipped with an extensive cycling network.

Do you fancy something more extreme? Then you can also go mountain biking in the town of Järvsö, in the Gälveborg region, where a mountain bike downhill park is located. Here you can cycle over gravel paths, through the forest and along the waterside.

There are several tracks for beginners and also for the advanced. Check out our holiday homes in Sweden and start your adventure.

Rent a house in Stockholm

Nature is of course a sight in itself, but there are many nice cities to visit. Stockholm is one of these cities. It is the capital and also the largest city in the country. Stockholm is located on no less than fourteen different islands in the southeast of Sweden.

There are so many things to do in this city. One of the attractions you should not miss is the Royal Palace in the old Galma Stan district. The royal family still lives here.

Other special attractions that can be found in Stockholm include the Vada Museum, boat tour on the water, the City Hall, the ABBA Museum, and the Archipelago.

Other cities in Sweden that are worth visiting:

  • Malmö
  • Gothenburg
  • Uppsala
  • Helsingborg
  • Ystad


Midsummer is probably Sweden's most famous holiday. During this holiday the Swedes celebrate the start of the summer. The midsummer evening falls on the Friday just before or after 21 June. This is the day where the sun is longest in the sky and the night is shortest.

Throughout the country there are decorated maypoles and people wear flowers in their hair. There is also music, mostly accordion and guitar music.

One of the most popular destinations for celebrating the Midsummer Festival is in the Dalarna region, which is located in the middle of Sweden. In this region you can also rent holiday homes with Interhome.

Winter (sports) in Sweden

Sweden is of course a real winter sports country and the mountainous landscape offers lots of possibilities. There are many places offering ski resorts, mostly visited by the locals. The most famous ski resorts in the country are Åre, Vemdalen and Falun.

The best season for winter sports starts in February and lasts until about April-May. If you go at the end of this period, you can enjoy the ever longer days and the sun. Find your winter holiday cottages in Sweden with Interhome!

In Sweden you can also experience many other winter sports. Besides skiing and snowboarding you can also go to the nature parks and try wildlife watching, spotting wildlife such as reindeer, bears, lynx and wolves.

In addition, a trip with sled dogs is also highly recommended. You can also go ice fishing, snowshoeing, snowmobile safari, ice skating or cross-country skiing.

Sweden has a lot of snow and also has a lot of spectacular countryside. Therefore, cross country skiing is very popular. There are many free trails that are illuminated at night, so you can practice this sport until late.

The northern lights is one of the most beautiful natural phenomena in the world. And Lapland in Sweden is the ideal region to see this.

The northern lights are especially visible in the winter months in the part of Lapland above the Arctic Circle where, for about 3 months, almost no daylight is seen. The best place to see the northern lights is somewhere in a forest where you are away from lights of any nearby villages.

Climate in Sweden

Because of the Warm Gulf Stream there is a fairly mild climate in Sweden. This also means that the average temperature is higher than other countries at the same latitude, such as Greenland and Alaska.

Sweden generally has a continental climate. This means that the country has cold winters and dry warm summers. In the north, the mountains have about 2 metres of snow that lasts up to 7 months.

In Stockholm, the snow lasts up to about 3 months. In the south of Sweden there is more of a maritime climate and on average the most rainfall across the country. This part of the country has the most summer months, this is on average 4 to 5.

In the middle of Sweden there are 3 to 4 summer months and in the north 1 to 3. In the month of January the average temperature in Sweden is around -1 degrees. In the month of July the average temperature is around 22 degrees.

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